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Curriculum Vitae



Academic Positions

2014-present Professor Emeritus,  King’s College London

Previously: Professor, Reader, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, King’s College, London

Assistant Professor, Department of  Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Visiting Professor, Australian National University, Canberra

Visiting Professor, The National University of Mexico, Mexico City



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. PhD in Philosophy, 1987.

University of Oxford, England. B. Phil. (with overall distinction) 1983.

University College London, England. B.A. Philosophy (with First Class Honours), 1981.

Winner: The John Locke Prize in Mental Philosophy, University of Oxford, 1984.


Selected Publications


  • Addiction & Choice: Rethinking the relationship, with Nick Heather, Oxford University Press (2017), pps 491/  ISBN: 978-0-19-872722-4
  • Twelve Steps to Psychological Good Health and Serenity: a Guide, Grosvenor Publishing Limited (2013), pps 72/ ISBN:978-1-78148-846-1
  • Interpreting Davidson with Petr Kotatko and Peter Pagin, CSLI Publications (2001), pps 313 / ISBN: 978-1-575-86335-1
  • A Slim Book about Narrow Content, Bradford Books, MIT Press (2000), pps 177 / ISBN: 978-0-262-69230-4
  • Knowledge of Meaning: An Introduction to Semantic Theory, with Richard K. Larson, MIT Press (1995), pps 633 / ISBN: 978-0-262-62100-7


Articles and chapters

"Alcoholics Anonymous 'spirituality' and long-term sobriety maintenance as a topic for interdisciplionary study" 

Behavioural Brain Research

Vol. 389, July (2020), 112645

"Alcoholism, Disease, and Insanity" Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, vol. 20 no. 4, (2013): 297-315

link here

Common Sense, Science, and ‘Spirituality’ " Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, vol. 20 no. 4, 2013, " Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, (2013): 325-328

link here

“Commentary on Hanna Pickard, ‘The Purpose in Chronic Addiction’” AJOB 2012

link here

“Keep Making Sense” Synthese 170, (2009), 275-287

“Indexical Predicates” with Daniel Rothschild, Mind and Language (2009): 467-493

“The Causal Inefficacy of Content” Mind and Language (2009): 80-102

"Reference, Causal Powers, Externalist Intuitions and Unicorns” The Externalist Challenge, ed. Richard Schantz, de Gruyter (2005)

"Ignorance of Meaning” in The Epistemology of Language, ed. A. Barber, Oxford University Press (2003)

"Synaesthesia: Implications for Modularity of Mind" Synaesthesia, eds. Simon Baron-Cohen and John Harrison, Blackwell (1996)

"The Modularity of Theory of Mind" in Theories of Theories of Mind, eds. Peter Carruthers and Peter Smith, Cambridge University Press (1995)

"Truth and Sense" Frege: Sense and Reference 100 Years On, eds. John Biro and Petr Kotatko, Kluwer (1995)

"Defence of a Reasonable Individualism" Mind (1991): 485-494

"Seeing what is not there" The Philosophical Review (1989): 189-214

"A Preference for Sense and Reference" The Journal of Philosophy (1989): 73-89

"The Return of the Individual" Mind (1989): 39-57















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